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About Me

For 20 years I've been a voice for children, now I'd like to be your voice in the Utah House of Representatives.

I am a wife, a mother, and a grandmother. I graduated from Brigham Young University with a Bachelors of Science in Zoology. My emphasis was in teratology. I spent the early years of our marriage studying what chemicals caused fetal birth defects. As our 5 children grew, I chose to change my focus from protecting the unborn to protecting all children and families.

My husband Darren and I have lived in Kaysville, Utah for nearly 13 years. We moved from Anacortes, Washington in 2007 and could choose any place in the Wasatch front to live. We chose Kaysville knowing it would be an amazing place to raise our children. 


My Positions

As a lifelong Republican, I believe in the principles of family as the fundamental unit of society, that all children should have access to quality education,  limited taxation in order for government to perform essential public needs, and the constitutional right to keep and bear arms. As the spouse of a naturalized citizen from Canada, I support legal immigration and strongly controlled borders. 

I have spent many hours at the Utah Capitol in the last seven years advocating for policies that protect children and families. I am running for Utah Representative because I believe there needs to be more decision-makers on the Hill that face the day to day challenges of raising a family.  I am the proud wife of Darren Wood and the mother of five amazing and unique children. I'm also excited to announce that I earned the title of "Grandma" on Saturday, March 21, 2020. 



The family is the fundamental unit of society. I support Utah Law which gives parents the primary responsibility for the "care, supervision, upbringing, and education of their children". We must also understand that the look of the traditional family is changing. We have more grandparents raising their grandchildren than ever before, single parent families are on the rise.  We have to create policies that recognize the demographic changes in society, and prioritize all families.


Public Education

I am a strong supporter of Public Education.  I believe a fully-funded public education system gives more children the opportunities they need to succeed. I believe in local control. I believe that the primary role of the legislature regarding education should be simply to fund it. General control and supervision should be left to the State School Board and all other decisions regarding curriculum and programs should be determined at the District and school level.  I am a strong supporter of School Community Councils and will work to protect School Trust Land Funds for our children. I support Charter Schools that do not compete with traditional public schools, but offer a choice that will provide unique learning opportunities for students.


Tax Reform

I opposed the Tax Reform Bill that passed in December of 2019. I was concerned that it did not include a plan for funding public education, it attempted to fix a structural imbalance on the backs of our most vulnerable families by increasing sales tax on food and gas, and it appeared to add a sales tax to random services without clear parameters. Any future attempt to widen the base by taxing services needs to have clear and fair criteria for the tax.



Soon after I had moved here with my family from Washington State, my neighbor invited me to attend a neighborhood caucus meeting with her. I didn't know what I was getting myself into, but I attended. I was so surprised to see our neighbors all getting together to talk about important things. It was my favorite kind of meeting. I was elected as both a County and State Delegate and have served multiple times since then. I believe the Caucus system should be protected. It allows someone like me to run for office and connect with my neighbors.

I am not opposed to signature gathering by volunteers only. If a candidate can rally the troops and get enough support from friends, family, and other volunteers to collect the required number of signatures, then I think they deserve a place on the ballot. I am opposed to allowing a candidate to pay others to collect signatures. I believe that a candidate should not be able to pay to get their name on the ballot.



I believe in the right to life for both the born and unborn. I oppose abortion, except to preserve the life of the mother or in cases of rape or incest.


The Right to Bear Arms

I support the constitutionally-protected right of the people to keep and bear arms for security and defense of self, family, property, and other lawful purposes. I believe that firearms should be stored properly and those that use firearms should be properly educated in their care and use.


Volunteer & Work Experience

Utah Education Committees

-Mountain Heights Academy Charter Trust Lands Council

-Assessment and Accountability Policy Advisory Committee 
-State Assessment Parent Review Committee 
-Utah Public Education Coalition Secretary 
-Promise Partnership Regional Council
-Early Reading Network 
-ESEA Committee of Practitioners 
-School Fees Task Force
-Early Childhood Education and Services Work Group
-Uplift Family Education Advisory Committee
-Head Start Transition Summit Committee 
-USBE Nominating and Recruiting Committee
-Graduation and Grading Task Force 

Davis School District and Utah PTA

-Davis High School Community Council

-Columbia Elementary School Community Council Chairperson

-Kaysville Junior High PTSA Legislative Appointee

-Utah PTA Legislative Advocacy Committee 2012-current

-Utah PTA Region 3 Associate Director 2014-2015

-Utah PTA Region 3 Director 2015-2016 

-Utah PTA Education Commissioner 2016-2019

-Utah PTA Advocacy Vice President 2019-current

Boy Scouts of America

-Education Relations Subcommittee

-National Camp School Staff
-Baden-Powell University Staff
-Philmont Training Center Extravaganza Staff
-National Virtual Roundtable Committee 
-Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner
-National Cub Scout Committee
-National Advancement Committee

-Island District Award of Merit
-Trapper Trails Council Silver Beaver Award


Utah Republican Party
-Davis County Delegate 

-Utah State Delegate 

School and Work Experience
-B.S. Zoology, Brigham Young University
-Research Assistant, Segment II --Development Toxicity Studies

-Day Camp Program Director, Trapper Trails Council
-Sales Associate,  North Valley Scout Shop

-Teratology Techniques, Seegmiller & Wood



What They’re Saying

I am honored to endorse LeAnn Wood. I met LeAnn as she took her own personal time to attend state board meetings so that she could be an integral part of improving education for the children of Utah. Each winter she turned her concerns to capitol hill, where again, she spent hours of her personal time to learn, listen and be politically engaged. With her knowledge of the legislative process she will hit the ground running as a new legislator. I wholeheartedly endorse LeAnn for Legislative Seat District 17.

Laura Belnap, Utah State School Board Member

As a teacher and a State School Board Member, I support LeAnn for Utah House of Representatives for several reasons: her commitment to education, her efficiency at making ideals realities, and her willingness to work hard on behalf of students in Utah. Whether she is attending school board meetings, speaking up at the State Capitol, organizing debates, or studying the issues, LeAnn puts words into action, and I appreciate her thoughtful, intelligent, and compassionate approach to doing the right things--again and again and again.

Jennifer Graviet, Utah State School Board Member

I have been friends with LeAnn for 30 years and I know she has the knowledge and skills to successfully represent her district with sound judgment. She cares deeply about the legislative process in our state and country, and understands many sides of complex issues.

Valerie Lindeman Elliott, Teacher

I have been impressed by LeAnn’s community involvement over the years I have known her.  I really appreciate the energy and commitment I have seen form LeAnn fighting for conservative and family focused values, especially with education.  LeAnn knows the issues, and has been actively involved in solutions.   LeAnn is someone I trust to make good policy for my family’s future.

Kurt Thorup

It has been my privilege to know and work with LeAnn Wood for the past four years while serving on the Legislative Advocacy Committee under the State PTA. I first worked with her when she was the Utah PTA Education Commissioner, and now as the current Advocacy Vice President.  LeAnn has a firm foundation and knowledge of the education system in the state of Utah.  Her first concern has always been, what is best for the students and families in Utah.   Her approach in working with people has always been knowledgeable of the subject, direct and respectful.  She would be a great voice to serve in the Utah State Legislature for the constituents of House District 17.

Gaylia Tanner

I have worked personally with LeAnn Wells Wood for 3 years on legislative work. She is an exceptional candidate that values families, children, equality and justice. Great candidate to represent District 17.

McGyver Clark

I've worked with LeAnn for years and have seen how hard she works for the people. She makes things happen, and is the first to speak up when something’s not right. With her experience and passion to help she would make a strong representative for us!

Jessica Dixon

Your insight, views and vision as a party servant have impressed me in every way.  I'm happy to endorse you and support your bid for legislative representative!

Nadine Goaslind, Former President,  Davis County Republican Women &  member of the DCRP Executive Committee

LeAnn Wood is one of the few people I have ever met that reads a bill from cover to cover. She understands the legislative process, is aware that there can be unforeseen circumstances to too many proposed laws, and is a tireless advocate for Utah children. She is intelligent, qualified, dedicated, and approachable.

Mara Hammer


She is dedicated to the welfare of all Utahns but especially the children of this state. She is deeply intelligent and studies every issue from various angles before deciding her stance. She is about seeking what is right not who is right as she represents constituents. She is passionate, hard working, brave. As a Silver Beaver in the scouting program she represents all the best qualities of what scouting used to represent. She listens more than she speaks which is a rare and valuable gift in a public servant.

Debra G. Roberts, Former Chair Utah State Board of Education

Experience with the Legislative process through PTA. She will do the right thing. Trust her in her decisions. Will fight for Utah Schools.

Shelly Burningham

She supports my views, but is also willing to work towards compromise.

Allison Christensen



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